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Nu Soil Ship

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Venue Partners and Presenters have the opportunity to establish an automated revenue stream for themselves and community. Venue Partners have most of the same capabilities as Author/ Creators.

  • Create their Venue and or Presenter bio page
  • View transactions associated with their product (s)
  • View their earnings statements
  • Set their own preferences for enrollment, subscription, and comment notifications
  • View past payouts to their author account
  • Change their payout information
  • Create unlimited products
  • Publish
  •  Email members in their community
  • Set prices
  •  Create coupons for their product (s)
  •  Import  and Affiliates into their community
  •  Customize sales pages for their product course(s)
  •  Manage and issue certificates of completion and more!


  • Affiliates get their own dashboard and get paid to promote.
  • Receive automated commissions of earnings generated from sales
  • Generate affiliates links with their affiliate code
  • View the transactions they have been credited
  • View past payouts to their affiliate account
  • Change their payout information
  • Build community and get paid while having fun!

Authors / Creators

Authors and Creators retain 100% ownership of their content, creative freedom and automated payouts.

Bookings and Partnerships

Book one of our Artists / Bands for your venue and or event at [email protected] . We offer exciting online and community growth opportunities for affiliates, partners, creators, presenters and venues worldwide. To learn more and become an affiliate partner, please click link below.

Authors/ Creators/ Affiliate Partners

Artists Roster

The Nu Soil Ship

Alan Jay Palmer Trio

Juma Sultan

DJ Nala

Aboriginal Music Society

Ahmed Abdullah's Diaspora

James Hurt